What's in that Big Box?

What's in that Big Box?

Core game

Double-sided game board  |  Questbook with 15 fully narrated detailed story quests  |  40 Highly detailed miniatures  |  38 Custom molded dice  |  6 Hero character boards  |  168 Cards  |  5 Boss boards  |  Fate Track  |  Dozens of tokens and  plastic pegs


Deluxe Limited Edition

Includes all components from Core game plus:

Limited metallic gold box  |  7 Quests w/ questbook  |  38 Cards (quests, hell cards, hero upgrades)  |  10 Custom dice, adding a fifth and sixth player  |  1 Alternate Lo Pan boss board


There is a secret world where ancient evil weaves a modern mystery… they call it Little China. It’s where Big Trouble was waiting for Jack Burton and his friends as they uncover an ancient diabolical plot. The evil minions of the immortal ghost-sorcerer Lo Pan are waiting to chop down the players with axes and guns in dark alleys and all throughout the battle-torn streets of Chinatown. Now, Jack, Wang, Gracie, and the rest of the gang must muster up all of their courage, survive against hordes of baddies, and then face off in a showdown with the darkest demon of them all Lo Pan!

Epic Adventure

Epic Adventure

In Big Trouble in Little China the Game you'll embark on a wild adventure to experience the exotic and mystical underworld of Chinatown. You and up to 3 other players (1-6 in Deluxe) take on the roles of their favorite iconic heroes from the film like Jack, Gracie, Egg, and the rest of the gang.

Each character uses their unique talents and abilities to take on various missions throughout Little China. You'll work together gaining chi and audacity to level up in preparation for the Final Showdown to take down Lo Pan, the Three Storms, and a slew of other powerful henchmen, in this cooperative, replayable, cinematic experience.


On the front side of the board, you'll use player actions powered by the thematic dice rolled each round representing your hero's mind, body and spirit devoted to the task at hand. Using these action dice, you will move around the board venturing through the iconic locations in Chinatown, you'll complete task actions saving the helpless and thwarting evil plans, all the while discovering weapons and rare magics to use to your benefit. When you complete quests you'll gain chi and audacity helping the heroes level up, powering them up for the big final fight with Lo Pan. 

You've got to hurry because the clock’s ticking as Lo Pan inches closer to breaking the curse and regaining his mortal form. When all of the quests are complete, or the Big Trouble Track fills up, the heroes are immediately thrown into a Final Showdown with Lo Pan and his most elite bodyguards.

Choose Your Path

Choose Your Path

Your choices actually impact the game! Players will have meaningful story choices to make within the quests which result in taking different paths each time a quest is played, discovering a new part of the story, and adding to the replayability. 

Players will use Action Dice to complete quest tasks. Using all of your skills and abilities, channeling your Body, Mind, and Spirit towards overcoming the evil of Lo Pan and his minions! 

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Standing in your way is Lo Pan’s unchecked criminal organization the Wing Kong, who run rampant throughout Chinatown. Lords of Death, Hatchet Men, and his Security Forces battle against our heroes supported by Lo Pan’s greatest assets, the mythical Three Storms!

Each villain has their own attack, defense, movement, as well as their own thematic special abilities to keep the immersion going and make you feel like you're in the movie every step of the way. 

Fighting Back!

Fighting Back!

Just like in quests, players will use their action dice to generate a pool of skill dice to fight enemies. Heroes will gain bonus skill dice from their abilities which give them a bonus in combat and with other tasks.

For Combat, Heroes simply roll all of the skill dice they’ve generated and compare their successes to the enemy’s defense to see if they hit them.  If not, the enemy may strikeback damaging the hero! 

Move the highly detailed minis around the board going head to head with the Wing Kong!

Work Together

Work Together

During Quests and Combat, if you need more actions or an extra edge, you can use a Fate Die. Fate dice are a communal pool of extra powerful action dice that may come with a price. When used, a fate die bestows extra power. After, roll it to see if there's a price to pay.

You're in Big Trouble Now

You're in Big Trouble Now

After all of the Heroes have gone, phase two: The Big Trouble Phase begins. Players draw a Big Trouble card to trigger special effects, spawn new minions, and raise the Big Trouble Track furthering Lo Pan’s machinations.

If the Big Trouble Track Fills, or the Heroes Complete all of their Quests filling the Audacity Track, Act Two, The Final Showdown immediately begins. Ready or not, Lo Pan's lair here we come!

To Hell and Back

To Hell and Back

When you die, Chinatown isn't done with you yet. You draw a Hell Card, taking your hero on a journey to one of the Chinese Hells, like the Hell of Boiling Oil and the Hell of Upside Down Sinners... You must pay the price and get back to work! 

Just take Jack Burton's advice if ya wanna get out of hell free... remember... "It's all in the reflexes." 


Lo Pan’s evil plan is nearly complete, he has begun the ritual of transformation to become corporeal once again. The heroes are forced into action. They must infiltrate the lair and make their way to the central arena to put an end to the evil sorcerer once and for all!  

Act II is setup using "Showdown Quest Cards" that change depending upon the outcome of the Mains Quests from Act I. This makes no two Final Showdowns the same! Each Showdown setup includes traps and challenges as well as enemies to battle. You must solve these tasks as quickly as possible to unlock the elevators to the main Arena where Lo Pan is performing his dark ritual. If you worked together, got chi to level up and played it smart, you and your team will be able to save Chinatown! If not, all will be lost and the Lo Pan will continue with his reign of terror plaguing the world with his sorcery.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

When do I get my game? When does the game Ship? *UPDATED*

UPDATED: The game is currently IN PRODUCTION Printing in Germany and is Estimated to Ship "END of Q1 2018" (Ships from the Factory this March).  *This date is subject to change depending upon freight and manufacturing factors.  Subscribe and check out our main website for Production News: http://www.everythingepic.us/so/9M4PNYJ1#/main

Can I get the Deluxe Limited Edition later at Retail?

No, the Deluxe Limited Edition version of Big Trouble in Little China the Game is sold directly from Everything Epic and will only be made in a limited quantity. 

Will there be EU and UK Friendly Shipping?

Yes! We have a fulfillment center based in the UK who will be shipping to all of the UK and EU for us! Therefore you will not be charged extra VAT. 

International Shipping: Will this game be available worldwide?

Yes! Big Trouble in Little China: the Game will be available to most countries worldwide for Deluxe Limited Edition Pre-Order!

How many players can play this game?

There are 6 heroes in the game but the game only has enough dice and components for 4 players at the same time. However, the Deluxe Limited Edition comes with enough components for all 6 players as well as the additional rules, dice, and an entire campaign-style quest line which works great for 6! 

International shipping price question

Some areas of the world we are still working on getting better shipping quotes for. If you have a shipping question or concern, please email info@everythingepic.us and we will help you as soon as possible. 

My question is not here in FAQ?

If you have any other questions or need assistance with anything at all regarding Big Trouble in Little China the Game or any Everything Epic product, please email info@everythingepic.us and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you!